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smart class classroom

Smartclass Solutions

Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computer systems, learning application, smart boards, touch screen, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. Using smart classroom solutions, teachers can effectively handle challenges in explaining complex concepts using available tools.

Digital Content (K-12)

Digital Content is designed to not only help teachers make learning an engaging and interactive process but also ensures students are encouraged to understand better, learn faster and retain more. The use of multimedia content, like 2D/3D images, videos, demonstrations, simulations and more help teachers establish these links and create a more engaging classroom environment.

Smart business solution

Smart Business Solutions

How fast does your business respond when new technologies and markets with commercial potential appear? Our approach to IT outsourcing is agile. You get a “time-to-market” solution, and we can tune your IT services up or down on a monthly basis. New technology can be quickly implemented, and we can add new resources in peak periods. It makes your business agile.


CCTV and Surveillance

We know what it means to always feel the urgency of security for your loved ones, for partners and clients, or for your business.Depending on real-world needs and limitations, unique combinations of each system and their functionalities can be customized. Our offerings range from the most general security needs to advanced intelligent functions that improve management efficiency and user experience.


Smart Home

Now You can control, monitor and track your home using your smartphone, Our smart home system is fully scalable, so if you want to start small, perhaps with an easy-to-use TV/surround sound system in your family room and a few rooms with background music, it’s easily done. In the future, you can add whatever extras you want or need, since the brains of your smart home is already installed


IOT & IT Equipments

Are you unsure about what is best for your company? What type of software does your business need? What hardware to choose?  We love to geek out with IT equipment and not necessarily recommend the latest version if it turns out that the costs exceed the business value. If you need help with implementing and using the systems, we will help you. It can save you from purchasing items by mistake and many hours of IT setup.

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